Himalaya Soothing Body Lotion

Himalaya Soothing Body Lotion

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Weight: 400 ml
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Weight 400 ml

Himalaya Soothing Body Lotion enlightens the skin of your body and a feel of soft and smoothness.

Derived from the ingredients of the Grape Seed Oil and Almond Oil, this lotion moisturizes the skin of the body and protects it from the excessive damage by fighting the infectious diseases, thus keeping it glowing for a long time.

With an intense research started in the year 1930 on the herbs, Himalaya launched their first herbal medicine in 1934.

Gradually, the company manufactured many more medicines under the health care brand.

In the year of 1999, Himalaya entered into the Personal Care field and since then has become an important part of the every household.

Himalaya Soothing Body Lotion, 400ML