Panasonic NI-E500T DSM Steam Iron (BLUE)

Panasonic NI-E500T DSM Steam Iron (BLUE)

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Panasonic NI-E500T DSM Steam Iron (BLUE) Want a perfect crease ironed clothes for a perfect beginning of the day go for Panasonic.

Personified with perfection, this iron features shock proof body which is also resistant to heat thus you can use it without compromising your safety.

Easy movement: Light Weight This iron is lightweight dry iron which is light on hands and heavy on performance.

With 1000W of power, the iron is a powerful combination of style and Performance.

It heats up quickly thus allows you to iron your clothes quickly.

Crafted for everyday use, this iron is a perfect amalgamation of power and design.

Soleplate : Non-Stick Coated This iron features non-stick coated soleplate which saves your favorite garments from accidental burns.

It helps iron to glide swiftly without any effort.

Enjoy perfectly creased garments every time you use it.

Slim Tip: Make move to tough area The iron features slim tip which helps it to iron areas that otherwise cannot be ironed.

Specially crafted for perfect ironed clothes without leaving any part of your favourite garment, this iron is a perfect combination of comfort and utility.

Vertical and Horizontal Steam The iron features steam boost function which provides powerful shot of steam in vertical and horizontal ironing.

Get perfectly ironed clothes every time you use this iron.

Crafted by highly innovative ideas, this iron is a perfect match of your ironing needs.

Model:NI-E500T DSM SKU:IronZ1287 Warranty:Manufacturer Operating voltage: 230V/1000 Watt Continuous steam output Fast and easy filling Variable steam settings and vertical steam