Q. What is hellohaat.com?
hellohaat.com is an online shopping portal, from where you can buy your desire product(s) from available products on our website.

Q. What is buying process?
After registring on our website which is totally free. you can buy product(s) by prepaid and COD Process.

Q. What does mean by booking?
In case, let you want to buy the particular product(s) but  do not have whole price of that product at the time, you can book your desired product(s) by paying INR 1000. Then we have keep the particular product(s) for a month for you. Whenever you would have rest price of the product(s), you will confirm us about the delivery time, then your product(s) will be sent you and rest price of the product(s) will have paid by you to the courier person at the time of delivery.

Q. Can i extend the delivery time of the booked product(s)?
yes, but after a month the color,model,brand may be changed.

Q. Can i changed the booked product(s)?
yes, but you have to confirm us about your new desire product(s) 15 days prior of desired delivery date.

Q. Can i cancel my booked product(s) and get back the booking amount?
Yes,  But you can ask for cancellation for your booked products within 3 days from booking date. After 3 days, cancellation can not be possible, only you can change your booked product(s). your amount will be valid for 180 days, please use this before 180 days from booking date otherwise the booking amount will be lapsed.