1. What is hellohaat.com?

hellohaat.com is an online shopping portal, from where you can buy your desire product(s) from available products on our website.

2.How do I register?

You can register by clicking on the "New Customer" link at the top right corner of the homepage. Please provide the information in the form that appears. You can review the terms and conditions, provide your payment mode details and submit the registration information. 

3. Are there any charges for registration?

No. Registration on hellohaat.com is absolutely free.

4. Can I have multiple registration?

Each email address and contact phone number can only be associated with one hellohaat account.

5. What is buying process?

After registring on our website which is totally free. you can buy product(s) by prepaid.

6. What does mean by booking?

In case, let you want to buy the particular product(s) but  do not have whole price of that product at the time, you can book your desired product(s) by paying INR 1000. Then we have keep the particular product(s) for a month for you. Whenever you would have rest price of the product(s), you will confirm us about the delivery time, then your product(s) will be sent you and rest price of the product(s) will have paid by you to the courier person at the time of delivery.

7. Can i extend the delivery time of the booked product(s)?

 Cannot be changed.

8. Can I change a booked product?

yes, but you have to confirm us about your new desire product(s) 45 days prior of desired delivery date.

9. Can i cancel my booked product(s) and get back the booking amount?

Yes,  But you can ask for cancellation for your booked products within 3 days from booking date. After 3 days, cancellation can not be possible, only you can change your booked product(s). your amount will be valid for 180 days, please use this before 180 days from booking date otherwise the booking amount will be lapsed.

10. Do I have to necessarily register to shop on hellohaat?

You can surf and add products to the cart without registration but only registered customer will be able to checkout and place orders. Registered members have to be logged in at the time of checking out the cart, they will be prompted to do so if they are not logged in.

11. Do you deliver in my area?

You will be able to check this detail at the time of checkout when you enter the address. If we are unable to deliver in your area - we will inform you before checkout.

 12. How will the delivery be done?

We have a dedicated team of delivery personnel and a fleet of vehicles operating across the city which ensures timely and accurate delivery to our customers.

13. How to get payment after 3rd level?

To take a payment after 3rd level, you have to open your dashboard and click on the 3rd level payment, after that you will get 2 conditions.

(i). Your payment is under level supervision. Hence, the payment will be released on next week.

(ii). After 3rd level, 5% of your incentive are deducted for business development program.

14. How to get payment after 6th level?

To take a payment after 6th level, you have to open your dashboard and click on the 6th level payment, after that you will get 4 conditions.

(i). In the first week, you will be paid the 7th level payment, and also you will be paid for the new joining.

(ii). In the second week, you will be paid the 8th level payment, and you will also be paid for the new joining.

(iii). In the third week, you will be paid the 9th level payment, and you will also be paid the new joining.

(iv) In the fourth week, you will be paid the 10th level payment, and you will also be paid for the new joining.

15. How can I give feedback on the quality of customer service?

Our customer support team constantly strives to ensure the best shopping experience for all our customers. We would love to hear about your experience with hellohaat. Do write to us feedback@hellohaat.com in case of positive or negative feedback.

16. How do I raise a claim with customer service for any of the Guarantees - Delivery Guarantee, Quality Guarantee?

If you face any issues with price, quality or delivery of products we will take every measure to address the issue and make it up to you. Please contact our customer support team with details or your order as well as the issue you faced.

17. What is hello money?

Hello Money is a virtual account.

18. How will you use HelloMoney?

Withdrawal of Reffral income or Repurchase income brings money in HelloMoney, from where you can buy product direct from any HelloHat outlet or request to activate ID.

19. How long will the id be activated after requesting?

The ID will be activated within 24 hours of requesting and money will be redeemed with Hello Money.