Q. What are the terms and conditions for refund?

·         You can ask for a refund against any of your order within 3 days of its date of delivery. and we will make the refunds within 15 days through NEFT/RTGS and online payment .

·         All refunds will be credited in your HELLOHAAT Wallet as store credits which you can use to shop on Hellohaat.com

·         If you are a guest user, you will need to register with the email address which you had used to place your order to access wallet

·         For any other requests or queries regarding this, kindly write to us at support@hellohaat.com

Q. What are the rules for Courier charges refund?

·         For all self-shipped returns, we will provide you a cashback of Rs.100 for shipments weighing up to 500 grams.

·         For every next 500-gram slab, an additional Rs.50 will be added to the refund amount.

·         For example, a single i-phone cover piece weighs around 250 grams which if returned would give you a cashback of Rs.100 in your account.

·         If you happen to return 3 i-phone cover, your return shipment weighs 750 grams and would give you a cashback of Rs.150.

·         Please make sure your courier costs do not exceed our cashback rates. We recommend use Speed Post as your courier service.

·         Speed Post is a government of India owned entity and has the most widely distributed postal network in India.

·         Courier refund rates are fixed and will not change depending on the courier service you choose to return the product.

·         If the courier cost is lesser than Rs.100, you will still be receiving a cashback of Rs.100.

Q. Refund booking amount?

·     When you buy products from hellohaat.com. So you can redeem your booking amount by purchasing a product from hot product category. For example: - You Rs. Book ABC brand of 1939 or more value. So you can redeem your booking amount.

For example: - Rs.1939 - 1000 = Rs.939 The company has to pay.

Q. How long the refund procedure takes?

A.  The refund procedure will be initiated within 24 hours once we receive your product. Once initiated, the amount will reflect in your HELLOHAAT E-wallet as store credits.

Q. Where should I return my product?

You can courier the product to us at the address given below and we will reimburse the courier fee (you will be refunded Rs. 100 cash. If the cost of the courier is more than Rs. 100, please retain your invoice) And we will be given according to the invoice sent to you at support@hellohaat.com.

Address: - Sharma Market, Second Floor, Sector - 27, Nearest Metro Station - Sector 18, Noida. Pincode - 201301

Q. I haven't received my refund yet. What should I do?

1.       We update our customers through emails once we initiate the refund procedure.

2.       If our last email states that we have initiated the refund procedure, kindly wait for the process to complete.

3.       For queries you can write to us at support@hellohaat.com